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Core Specialisms

Cardiff Legal specialises in "Contract & Commercial Legal Advice", providing services related to:

  1. Business to Business contractual disputes;
  2. Contract Drafting and Review;
  3. Validating Terms & Conditions (Includes E-Commerce compliance);
  4. Pre-contractual Negotiations.

Our Business Enterprise Services are aimed at developing a new or existing business. This range of services includes:

  1. Company Formation (Incorporation);
  2. Online Business Modelling;
  3. Customisable Training Programmes.

Our Training Programmes are designed to be adapted to the particular needs of your business and are based around business and consumer related legislation. We provide Training Solutions in Consumer Law (i.e. Sale of Goods Act; Distance Selling Regulations; Consumer Protection Regulations). We can devise programmes to be delivered internally and we are happy to discuss any individual training requests.

For commercial disputes with businesses or trade customers, or if threatened with legal action, Cardiff Legal's Consultants are qualified and experienced in utilising Alternative Dispute Resolution methods to bring about a resolution. These include "Mediation", "Adjudication" and "Arbitration".

Our Facilitative Mediators are fully accredited by the Civil Mediation Council and our Consultants have prepared numerous Arbitration and Adjudication claims. The main benefits of these methods are that they are less expensive, more flexible and generally quicker than taking court action.

In addition to these services, Cardiff Legal specialises in preparing civil claims in County Court Actions. See our Civil Claims section for more details of this service.

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