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Legal Policy: Cardiff Legal Terms and Conditions of Business

  1. Introduction

    This section contains a summary of our Legal Policy. Please read this information carefully before agreeing to any of the services provided by Cardiff Legal.

    Call us if you have any question about these terms or visit our Contact us page for more details.

    In these terms "we", "us" or "our" refer to Cardiff Legal, whereas "their", "you" and "your" refer to our Clients or prospective Clients. Cardiff Legal is the trading name of RP Legal Ltd, company number: 06138785.

    In agreeing to take up any of our services, Cardiff Legal will provide a copy of these terms. After these terms have been provided to you, it is implied that you have read and agree to them.

    If you do not agree to these terms please notify us prior to the start of our service. If you fail to notify us in time, and we have undertaken to provide our services, we reserve the right to seek reasonable compensation for doing so, based on the prevailing contractual rate.

  2. Consultant's Client Responsibility

    Cardiff Legal may appoint a consultant to provide our service. If so, the named consultant will be both your point of contact and liaison with Cardiff Legal.

    The Consultant may conduct an indepth discussion to determine your service requirements. In this event our Consultant will require as much information as possible relating to your service request. Please note that failure to provide accurate information or full details of your query may impinge on our ability to advise you effectively.

    The Consultant will always act in accordance with our Client Policy and the following aims:

    • The Client's interests are paramount;
    • To evaluate the Client's needs and discuss the expected service outcomes;
    • Provide clear and transparent information at all times;
    • Only act on the instructions of the Client after discussing the service(s) most suitable to the their needs;
    • Clearly explain the costs or applicable rate for a service;
    • Discuss the likelihood or possibility of further costs or expenses;
    • Respond promptly to all correspondence (please refer to our Client Commitment page);
    • Conduct a cost and risk assessment if appropriate;
    • Update client of progress on a regular basis.

    If the Consultant allocated to you has changed, we will notify you as soon as possible. If your appointed Consultant is unavailable for an extended period of time, we will notify you of a new point of contact or Liaison as soon as possible. Otherwise, we aim to respond to all messages within 24 hours.

  3. Subscription

    You can subscribe to Cardiff Legal to obtain significant discounts on our services and free access to legal documents and resources. Details of our subscription package can be found on the Subscription page.

    Some services are not available by subscription. These are:

    • Online Business Development Package;
    • E-Commerce Compliance Review;
    • Training Packages.

    For applicable services certain terms apply:

    1. A minimum monthly fee is required when subscribing to Cardiff Legal. The current fee is stated on the Subscription page;
    2. The minimum subscription period is one month;
    3. The minimum subscription is paid one month in advance and subsequently on a monthly basis via Direct Debit. Clients will be required to setup the Direct Debit mandate;
    4. Your subscription fee is converted to credits. One credit is equivalent to one pound (£1);
    5. Credits are non-refundable but can be accumulated or topped up whenever necessary;
    6. If you wish to cancel your subscription, please write to us (Email, Letter or dedicated contact form) giving one months notice from the date of your last Direct Debit payment;
    7. Your subscription can only be cancelled if we are not currently providing you with a service, unless you wish to cancel our service at the same time. If you wish to cancel our service please do so in writing (Email, Letter or through the dedicated contact form)
    8. Our service will end immediately but we will reserve the right to seek any outstanding payment at the prevailing rate stated within the contract. See ‘Cancellation of Service’ section below for more information;
    9. Following cancellation of your subscription service, any unused credits will expire after one month.
  4. Rates, Charges and Expenses

    Our prices and rates are set out on our Packages page. However, on certain occasions additional charges may apply. For instance, the prices, rates and subscription packages do not include disbursements. These are additional costs incurred by or attributed directly to the client (e.g. court fees).

    Our rates and charges consist of the following elements:

    • Preliminary meetings (excluding first free consultation);Meeting with third parties on Client’s behalf;
    • Correspondence to and from the client – please note that this does not include standard communication correspondence which is free to the Client;
    • Considering, analysing and preparing paperwork;
    • Telephone calls made on behalf of Client;
    • Travelling expenses (where appropriate);
    • Co-ordinating Training;
    • Research;
    • Arranging and conducting Mediation between disputants.

    Our Rated services are valued using an hourly rate. However, Cardiff Legal utilises Time Management and billing software to monitor time spent on rated services. Time spent is assessed in units of five minutes.

    Our rates will be specified in our Service letter or initial quote. This rate will not change unless there is a subsequent agreement with the client. We will notify the Client immediately if additional costs or charges are anticipated.

    VAT is included in all charges and rates, unless otherwise stated. Where its not included, the applicable rate applies.

  5. Terminating Service

    You may end any instructions for service to Cardiff Legal at any time. You will be required to give written notice of your decision to end our services.

    We may retain any documentation given to us by the Client, pending final settlement of any outstanding charges or bills. We will provide a final written statement or invoice as appropriate.

    We have a right to terminate our services in the following circumstances:

    • Client’s failure to provide information to enable us to carry out our service(s);
    • Client’s failure to comply with a request for payment or settlement of expenses;
    • It becomes clear that Cardiff Legal is unable to carry out its service(s);
    • Cardiff Legal determines that our services have come to a natural end.

    In these circumstances Cardiff Legal will provide a minimum of 7 days written notice of our intention to end our service(s).

  6. Data Protection and Privacy

    We may request or require documentation from you in order to provide our services. We are obliged to ensure the safe storage and appropriate use of any documentation provided by you. After completing any work on your behalf, we will return any documentation provided on the condition that any fees owed by you to us have been paid.

    Cardiff Legal may ask our Clients for personal data which includes, name, contact details, payment details and other confidential information. We will only ask for and keep personal data to assist us in providing you with our service(s).

    The Data Protection Act 1998 sets out your rights and our obligations with regard to the treatment of your personal data. You are entitled to the protection of your data and confidentiality. Our Privacy Policy explains how Cardiff Legal looks after your personal data.

  7. Exclusions and Limitations of liability

    A Consultant allocated to provide you with a service will be doing so on behalf of Cardiff Legal. The authority of that Consultant is restricted to the agreed terms of service with the client, in addition to the terms and conditions stated here.

    Cardiff Legal will not be responsible for any action, breach of contract or law attributable to a Consultant who has clearly acted outside of the authority provided by the Terms of Service and Legal Policy stated here.

    If a Consultant, on behalf of Cardiff Legal, has not acted in accordance with the agreed Terms of Service or our Legal Policy you, the Client, may have a claim against the company. Cardiff Legal maintains Professional Indemnity and Confidentiality cover to a maximum of 1 million GBP per any one claim, to indemnify loss or damage suffered by our Client due to our breach of contract, negligence, breach of fiduciary trust or other tort.

  8. Complaints

    Cardiff Legal strives to provide a high quality service and attain a high level of client satisfaction. If on any occasion you feel that we have not maintained the standard we have set for ourselves please let us know.

    If you have an ongoing issue with our service requiring immediate attention please write to us using any of the methods identified on the website. Cardiff Legal will acknowledge any written complaint within 24 hours. We aim to provide a full response, addressing all your concerns within 5 working days following our initial response.

    If for some reason we are unable to provide a full response within this time, we will notify you as soon as possible and provide an estimated date of response which is dependent on the circumstances and complexity of your complaint.

    In the first instance, complaints should be addressed to your allocated Consultant. If for some reason you do not want your complaint to be dealt with by that person, please address your letter to the Complaints Manager.

    A full description of our Complaints Procedure can be provided on request.

  9. Additional Terms/Variations

    There may be occasions during our service when the Client or Cardiff Legal wishes to alter or vary the terms of the contract. For example, where a pre-claim dispute has become intractable and is escalated to claim stage.

    Both parties reserve the right to request variation of the original terms by writing to the other party. If Cardiff Legal and our Client agree to alter these terms we will provide notice of this varied agreement in writing.

    New conditions may apply to varied contracts and as such any new agreement will take the place of the original contract Terms of Service.

  10. Jurisdiction

    Cardiff Legal operates in the UK and is bound by UK and EU Legislation.

    Therefore, these terms and conditions are primarily governed by UK Legislation to which the Courts of England and Wales have exclusive Jurisdiction.

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