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Web Package

A web presence is essential to many businesses and, in particular, e-commerce type websites allow small business to operate and flourish without large staff and premises overheads. Having an online presence or brand can take an existing, successful business to the next level of growth.

Cardiff Legal can help to develop this aspect of your business. Making the wrong choices could lead to wasted resources and making the right decisions could be crucial to the survival and growth of the business.

There are two aspects to our Web Services Package:

  1. Business review and developing an online Business Model;
  2. Creating a custom website or developing your existing site.

Whether your business requires an order generation (E-commerce) type website, or if you simply wish to promote your brand online, Cardiff Legal can offer creative and cost effective solutions.

We'll will work Clients to formulate an online Business Model and explore options to generate new streams of income. Cardiff Legal will conduct a comprehensive review of your business's marketing strategy to identify opportunities for online promotion (e.g. advertising through online business directories such as

Your input is fundamental to this process and we'll consult with you to determine the most suitable options so that the final result is tailored to your business. For more information, please Contact Us for a free consultation or visit our Packages Page for details of our rates for this service.


If your business is already trading online (purchasing and/or selling goods & services), via telephone, fax or mail order, you may face legal compliance issues. For example, the Distance Selling Regulations 2000 requires businesses trading via 'distance communication' means to provide certain written information, such as contact details and cancellation rights.

Cardiff Legal will undertake a full review of your business's existing E-Commerce operations and provide specific legal guidance to address any issues which may affect the running of your business.

Contact Us for a free consultation or visit our Packages page for more information on the relevant rates for this service.

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