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Service Standard

We work hard to ensure that our clients receive an accessible and professional service suited to their needs. To achieve this, our website has been professionally designed to provide resources and information needed by our clients, and to ensure that any information transmitted to and from Cardiff Legal is secure.

Cardiff Legal maintains Professional indemnity insurance to indemnify us and our clients against any loss incurred through using our services. However, Cardiff Legal will only act on the specific instructions of our Clients, therefore ensuring that our Clients receive only the best service possible in view of their requirements.

Consultant Background

Our Consultants have an academic Legal background, years of practical experience in a local authority Regulatory environment and have comprehensive CV's demonstrating the breadth of their experience in their specialist areas.

Our Consultants are legally trained and have obtained specific qualifications in diverse areas, ranging from Criminal Investigation Skills to Consumer Affairs. The overall skill-sets of our Consultants compliment the range of services offered by Cardiff Legal.

We believe our Clients receive a better service from Consultants who have a fine working knowledge of Business Industry and the Regulatory Framework within which Businesses operate, in comparison to similar services provided by specialist solicitors.


Cardiff Legal is Business focussed, although we also deal with certain types of private requests. We also regularly advise a range of professionals, including Architects, Surveyors, Financial Advisors, Solicitors in relation to our "Core Service Areas".

We also collaborate with other service providers - such as web-designers, translators, engineers etc - to ensure that we are able to provide our clients with the range of services required. For more information about Cardiff Legal, or to make a service request, please Contact Us.

Alternatively, please contact us for a free consultation.

About Us

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