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Contract Drafting / Review

Cardiff Legal provides a contract drafting and review service, including the drafting and review of business website terms & conditions. Broadly, we deal with the following:

  1. Draft/review of all types of contractual arrangements with retail & commercial customers, suppliers and partners;
  2. Draft/Re-drafting website terms & conditions or "Terms of Business" after a full website review. Compliance with E-Commerce related law.

Contract Drafting & Review

Cardiff Legal will review your existing commercial contracts terms or devise new standard terms for your business. We will analyse the constituents of your business in order to evaluate the need for standardised or customised business terms. We will identify and advise on any legal or compliance issues that could have a bearing on your business.

This service covers:

  • Terms & Conditions of Business (customer & business contracts);
  • Supply & Service Contracts;
  • Pre-Contract Disclosure Agreements;
  • Terms of Settlement (i.e. legal disputes);
  • Website Legal Policy and Privacy Policy.

Utilising effective commercial terms & conditions can prevent future disputes and protect your business from costly litigation. Businesses with a solid legal foundation are more capable of maximising their commercial dealings with their customers or clients and business partners.

Web Compliance

More businesses are recognising the benefits of trading on the internet. Whether trading via a custom website or through online collaborators, i.e. Trade Groups and Associate Memberships, having appropriate terms to accommodate online or 'distance' transactions are essential.

The lack of such terms or the cost of poorly drafted and implemented web-terms could expose the business to legal action or regulatory difficulties. For example, The 'Distance Selling Regulations' require businesses to provide cancellation rights to customers who make online purchases. Other web-based contracts are subject to regulated arrangements (e.g. provision of credit to finance online purchases). Failure to comply with such legal requirements could lead to prosecutions, fines and civil legal action.

Cardiff Legal will conduct a full website review and assessment of your current terms. Recommendations will be made where necessary and we will consult with you in drafting new terms to suit your business.

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