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Company Formation

There are significant benefits to incorporating your business. We have summarised a few of these below. However, for a fuller understanding of incorporation and whether it is suitable for your business, visit Business Link or Contact Us for a free consultation.

If you own a small or medium size business, the greatest benefit of incorporation is to protect your personal assets (house, car, etc) from the risk that comes with running a business. The debts of a Limited Company is limited to the assets and 'Share Capital' invested within the business.

The more positive aspect of Incorporation is that it encourages business confidence. Directors can make more strategic and long term decisions in the knowledge that the risk of any losses are limited.

Consequently, Incorporation may also make your business a more attractive prospect for investment and financing. Other benefits include:

  1. Tax benefits & relief;
  2. Full/joint ownership arrangements;
  3. Preference lending from banks & financial institutions;
  4. Dividends for Shareholders.

Incorporation isn't suited to every business so we would be happy to discuss this option with you. If you consider that incorporation is suitable for your business, our service includes:

  1. Selecting an appropriate and available company name;
  2. Full registration of your business as a Limited Company or other incorporated entity;
  3. Provision of all documents, including Certificate of Incorporation (Paper copies or transmitted electronically via secure PDF);
  4. Guidance on electronic filing of company documents and tax returns.

Contact Us for a free consultation or see our Incorporation Package for more details.

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