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Cardiff Legal Client Information

Cardiff Legal values the relationship we have with each and every client. We understand that clients will have their own individual needs and requirements and our services are tailored to provide individual solutions for each client.

We have set out our commitment to you below. We have also provided Legal Information, highlighting the basis of any arrangements made with Cardiff Legal.

Cardiff Legal will always protect the privacy of users and clients. Our obligation to protect your right to confidentiality is an important part of providing our services. We have set out our obligation in our Privacy Policy.

Please read this information carefully before agreeing to our Services.

Client Commitment

  1. Service Model

    Cardiff Legal specialises in UK Law and operates a web-based business model. This means that, where appropriate, our services are provided online. However, for services such as Mediation, Training and for personal consultations we are happy to arrange or attend a suitable venue.

    Our website is the main resource for client information, legal resources (such as draft legal documents and Articles) and our main point of contact. This allows us to provide our services 24/7 and gives clients access to legal information from anywhere in the world.

    This allows us to be flexible to the needs of our clients and enables us to run a cost effective business with low overheads. The result is that our clients receive excellent services at competitive rates.

  2. Quality

    Our Service model enables us to respond quickly to our clients needs. From your initial enquiry - whether by telephone, email, post or via the contact form provided on this website - we aim to respond within 24 hours. Our clients are also welcome to specify how they prefer to be contacted and we would be happy to accommodate this.

    Cardiff Legal operates a free Call-back service. In fact, we believe all communication with our clients should be free so Cardiff Legal will not charge for this element of our service.

    Cardiff Legal also offers a free consultation to all clients. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss your enquiry prior to making any commitment to engage us.

  3. Costs

    A part of our free consultation or initial communication with our Client, we will discuss the duration and costs of any service we provide. Any time limits or schedule agreed with our clients will form part of our contractual obligations to you. Our charges, rates or costs will be set out in writing in all cases - whether transmitted via Post, secure Portable Document Format (PDF) or Email - and we will identify the potential for any additional costs where applicable.

    Our clients have the option of choosing our Subscription package or Fixed Price/Rateable services. Our packages are design to give flexible choices and can be combined or tailored to suit the needs of our Clients.

    All costs include VAT unless stated otherwis

  4. Feedback/Comments

    We will provide a copy of any of our policies on request.

    We also encourage and welcome any feedback, recommendations and comments from both Clients and users if our website. Like any good business, Cardiff Legal is constantly seeking to improve and evolve for the benefit of our Clients and website users.

    Contact Us using our dedicated contact form.

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