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Civil Claims

Some disputes are intractable and Alternative Dispute Resolution may not be appropriate. Issuing a civil claim to resolve a dispute may be unavoidable. Cardiff Legal provides a Pre-Claim service and an At-Claim service.


Cardiff Legal will conduct a full case analysis to assess the dispute. Where legal action is deemed necessary, we will issue a 'Letter Before Action' to the other party setting out our client's legal position and indicating that legal action is imminent.

In appropriate circumstances, Cardiff Legal will work towards an ‘out of court settlement' and we will negotiate the best outcome for our clients.

This service is suitable for any level of claim. See our Pre-Claim Package for more information on our rates or Contact Us for a quotation.


This package is suitable for disputes taken in the 'Small Claims' track – i.e. civil claims of £5,000 and less. Where a dispute is at a more advanced stage and court action is imminent, Cardiff Legal will conduct a full case review wherein we will first analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your claim. We will prepare and submit any necessary legal paperwork and provide a written case summary, with reference to supporting legislation or case-law.

Note that the cost of legal representation is not normally recoverable in the Small Claims track, therefore it is customary for claimants and defendants to represent themselves. Our package is designed with this in mind and, in addition to the preparation of any related legal paperwork, we will prepare our Clients to present their claim if a hearing is necessary.

Cardiff Legal will assist to significantly reduce your legal costs as you will avoid the unrecoverable expense of hiring a Barrister or Solicitor to present your claim in the Small Claims track. Cardiff Legal will equip our Clients with the confidence to win their claim.

Fast-Track / Multi-Track Cases

Cardiff Legal also prepares Multi-Track and Fast-Track claims, i.e. ordinarily claims valued over £5,000. However, the legal rules governing these types of claims advocate that disputants obtain adequate legal representation.

Cardiff Legal recommends that you retain a Solicitor or instruct a Barrister for such claims, as they will also conduct a full case analysis prior to presenting your case in court. Cardiff Legal can arrange suitable legal representation to accommodate the needs and requirements of our Clients.

Contact Us for a free consultation or visit our Packages page for information on our rates for these services.

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