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Business Model

Cardiff Legal is primarily Web-based, although we provide a number of services that are deliverable in person, such as our "Training Programmes". The website is a useful client resource and is accessible 24 hours a day*. This allows us to offer our clients the type of flexibility and ease of access that they may require.

Information about all our services can be found via the website but you can also Contact Us to discuss any particular requirements you may have. Our service delivery is also facilitated through the website or online, via email or secure file transfer.

We believe that current technology enables us to provide the information and services you need more quickly and efficiently in comparison to transmission by post. We are also contactable via telephone and operate a "Callback" service.

The benefits to our clients include:

  1. Easy access to free and Subscriber Documents and Resources;
  2. Instant communication between clients and Cardiff Legal;
  3. Flexibility allowed by 24/7 access to the website - see our Client Charter;
  4. Reduced overheads reflected in our Prices and Rates;
  5. Secure transmission of legal documents (i.e. PDF's, Downloads, Email, Post);
  6. Online quotations & Invoicing;

The time and cost of addressing legal issues can be a drain on a businesses resources. Cardiff Legal aims to provide an outlet for business legal support, minimising the cost and resources devoted to legal issues whilst also providing solutions for business growth. The flexibility within our Business Model allows us to offer a customised service to each client, without compromising on the quality of the service.

Contact Us for more information or for a free consultation.

* 24/7 service is subject to any "downtime" on our Web Hosts server, which is beyond our control. However, we will remain contactable via telephone and email in the event of an emergency.

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