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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Disputes, ranging from broken verbal agreements and false representations to breaches of contract and unpaid debts, are sometimes unavoidable in business. The costs and risks involved means taking legal action a prohibitive option for businesses without the necessary resources or legal support. Whilst some disputes do not lend themselves well to the inflexibility of the court system.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods include Mediation, Negotiation, Arbitration and Adjudication.

Mediation & Settlements

We specialise in Mediation and negotiating settlements. Mediation is a more flexible, cost effective, non-legal and consensual form of Dispute Resolution - in comparison to the Civil Court process - whereby the parties are encouraged to find a mutually agreeable solution, with the aid of a trained mediator to facilitate the process. Our Mediators have been trained by an Accredited Mediation Provider sanctioned by the Civil Mediation Council in the UK.  

We have negotiated many contracts and settlements on behalf of our Clients. We can arrange a Mediation session at short notice and we can accommodate or retain a neutral venue to facilitate Mediation. This option reduces the potential legal costs in a dispute, offers a real opportunity for a quick resolution and is completely confidential. Our Clients often find that this method of dispute resolution provides 'peace of mind'.

Arbitration & Adjudication

Arbitration is essentially a 'hearing' presided by a joint expert to decide on behalf of the parties in a dispute. The process is less formal and generally quicker than going to court. It can also be less expensive whilst the outcome is legally binding on the parties. Adjudication is similar but can cover wider range of disputes to Arbitration. The process is less formal again and can be commenced at short notice. 

We have prepared successful Adjudication and Arbitration claims on behalf of our Clients. In all cases, we represent our clients interests in finding a positive outcome. We guide or clients on the most suitable form of ADR to suit their circumstances. Legal representation is not always necessary in ADR, although we recommend that legal guidance is sought at the outset if ADR is being considered. 

ADR is generally faster, easier and less expensive than going to court, Our view is that the majority of disputes resulting in court action can be resolved using ADR. And the Courts seem to concur, as the Civil Procedure Rules now require disputants to consider ADR before disputes are heard by a Judge. For more information on 'Mediation' or our other ADR services please see our Dispute Resolution Package or Contact Us for a free consultation.

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